Akanksha – My passion, My profession..

I completed my Bachelors of Technology in Information Technology and have 3 years of industry experience.
Struggles –
My main struggle had been to recognize my inner calling. It was there all along but i never really understood. I used to follow so many bloggers but never realised this is what I actually wanted to do!
The turning point –
When i started freelancing as a content writer for multiple domains, a friend suggested, “You write good! Why don’t you start blogging!” That’s when it actually struck my chords and i seriously started listening.
Overcome –
It wasn’t difficult to make out that i want to blog about fashion and places. The challenge was the stereotyping of fashion bloggers. First remark that came my way was “You gotta loose some weight” and “Get in shape”
It was a bummer but i was reluctant to change myself. I wanted to tell other girls of my shape that they are not less, and that’s exactly what i did! I read “How to be a Bawse” by superwoman and that’s like literally the best book you can read to motivate yourself.
Motivation –
Staying motivated is damn difficult. But if you manage to find one person who really believes in what u r doing, you will have infinite source of motivation. In my case it was my really close friends and mom and dad.
1. Just ignore the negativity. Cut yourself from those who don’t let you grow.
2. Well this one will depend upon you. If you know you tend to over think and dwell into hypothetical possibilities, then NO, comparing yourself is not for you! If you are the other lot, then comparing can give you and edge because you will be aware of your downsides.
3. No comments on this. Its for people to find out their own way.
4. Taking a break once in a while is as important as working regularly. When work starts becoming life, its time to press the pause button.
What kept me going through it all was that i believed in making my passion, my profession. Because that way I am always doing something i love and not really working for someone else!
Akanksha Handoo

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