Anjali Tatrari – True to Yourself

I did my graduation in I worked as an HR for almost two years at “The Sound Association Of India” Currently I am pursuing acting. Just finished shooting for two Bollywood feature films which are under post production. I am a part time fashion blogger too. Also I take live Zumba/ workout sessions for an app (Dubai based company).


  • Struggles –

My life has been a struggle since childhood. I lost my dad when I was 4.

I come from a very small hill station Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand. It was a bit tough for me to cope up when I had shifted to Mumbai in 9th Std. I come from a middle class family. So I became independent at a very early age. I knew my goals right. I was working part time during my college. So basically after 10th I managed my own expenses, paid off my fees. I didn’t want any kind of burden to come on mom. Then fashion blogging, acting and the live sessions.

  • Turning point –

For me the turning point was when I shifted to Mumbai. Things I wanted to do and was interested in would have been possible by staying in the city of dreams. And I am glad I could make a good use of the opportunity. Both my films are releasing soon and I am blessed to have played such a strong character in the movie. One of them is a women oriented movie which leaves with a beautiful and strong message towards the society.


  • Overcome

What I have learned is nothing comes easy to you. We all have thousands of barriers in between reaching our goal. The only way you can achieve your goals is by staying consistent and determined. There will be times you’ll feel – “what am I doing with my life?” But during that phase too you got to be strong and consistent towards your work.  Also it is very important to take a break from everything once in a while and then get back to work with full power.

  • Motivation –

My mom is my motivation. If I have learned to be this strong after all the troubles, that has to come from my mother. Being a single parent the kind of hardships she has gone through, still providing me with the best of education and environment. I love how she has always been so independent.

Now if I am so clear about my goals that’s because I want my mother to have the best life. I want to payback all the struggles and sacrifices she has done for me. It isn’t easy to come to a new city and stay for so many years. So all the credit goes to my mother for the kind of human I am right now along with success.

  • Opinion –

By focusing on your own work and treating everyone with same respect irrespective of the designation.

It is always good to compare yourself from your own version. Always try to be a better version of you. There is no harm in accepting things you are not too good at. It will only help you work towards it to be a better version in that particular thing.

Never compare yourself from others. Everyone is giving his/ her best to achieve the goals. The only thing you have to do is push yourself a little harder every day.

Professionalism is all about following a schedule and being all active towards it. You can’t be lazy for the things you want too bad. Everyone sets goals. Everyone has knowledge. But it’s not about the knowledge it’s about the action.

So work every day towards it.  It is very important to take a break once in a while from everything and spend some good time with people that make you happy. It refreshes your mind and you can get back with full power. Also it is important to take a break to check if you are doing everything right or is there anywhere you are going wrong. Figure that out and work towards it.

  • Message

Nothing is impossible. Just stay true to yourself and keep giving your best. Give it your all and stay consistent no matter how many hardships.

Image shared  is a working still from my recent film Neemach. It was shot during one of my after rape scenes. In spite of forged scene and presence of professional actors the situation itself was so hideous and terrifying that I actually felt completely exhausted physically and emotionally, nearly total mental breakdown.

I feel sick and pathetic that so many women in India have to face this everyday but some of the cases brings me uncontrollable rage and tears. This is unfathomable. I have studied rape too closely in my work and it is pure hell. But what those monster creatures did to that defenceless kid is beyond any definition of hell. The fear we all are living is an inferno and we need to change it immediately.



I appreciate the efforts and her courageous attitude. The difference is between in gender. I still come across many situations where people say. “She is a girl, what can she do?”  In my journey of collecting stories for this blog I came across many women who are doing things in a different and effective way.

Making things easy or difficult is in our own hands. Thing turn in to our favor when we making correct and effective choices.  I was very lucky to come across Anjali.

We wish her success for the upcoming projects and hope I am able to meet her and get her autograph.

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  1. Indravadan Pandya says:

    I am 76 years old and you are my inspiration

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