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After completing my education in Commerce, I decided to take up laws as my career which tempted me in all ways to bring mandatory changes in society. Since I gained my consciousness, my major concern was to become a reason for someone’s happiness, not just because we are already gifted with a wonderful life and we should add value to other’s as well, but also because society progresses if we take a step. While we won’t help others to achieve their goals, how can we think of them to help us in return after all no one can grow in vacuum?

With such open mentality and wider thoughts, I opted to study law and currently I am pursuing LL.B. from Panjab University, Chandigarh.

At the same time, when I was pursuing my B.Com. education, I started a Publishing House named ‘Damick Publications’ as well a writing platform named ‘Literary Fairy Tales’ which publishes limited edition books and Digital Magazines along with my friend, Chandra Kant Jaisansaria who himself is a best-selling author based in New Delhi, India. My Commerce education proved well while I applied it in starting my corporate career as an entrepreneur.

The publishing house was set up with a view to provide transparent services to budding authors as a result of an odd experience with a publisher with whom me & my friends got our first project published which was later unpublished.

While ‘Literary Fairy Tales’ which is also named as ‘LiFT Magazine is my dream project which I later wish to convert into a production house.


I was an introvert in my school days, but my teachers played a major role in shaping my confidence by helping me in building up my public speaking skills which are now appraised by everyone who listens to me. (Don’t think that I am praising myself, I just intend to present my story.)

After dropping Non-Medical which was my mother’s choice for me (as I scored 9.6 CGPA in 10th Standard and scoring higher than 90% meant you must study science further, as per social norms) after a month of attending the class, I listened to my inner call and took up Commerce in 11th standard. It was not that I didn’t like the science subject, but my visions are somewhat broad with my future & career that education in Science might not have sufficed.            

Convincing my parents with my choice was not a big deal as they always supported me in my every endeavour while resting their belief in me.

Later in College, when initially I started writing blogs, I looked up for the platforms and guidance to let my voice/opinions be heard & reached among others, but found none. I researched on it, read many articles, and joined many groups of professionals and as a result of which writing ventures were established to help others.

Fortunately, I am accompanied by few good friends with whom the idea of starting a self-publishing house and a writing venture conceived.

Turning point –

The turning point in my life was when I lost the biggest support in my life in my final year of B.Com., my father. The phase shook to the core not just in spiritual terms but also that I lost my only source of guidance & motivation, and I never imagined a single step in life further without him. It took almost two years to recover from the depression of the huge loss of life, but his teaching never kept me back and today I pursue my career & dreams as per his guidance which is intact to me. To come out of the misery, writing became an antidote and I completed writing my first draft of “What’s Your Story, Stranger?” which is an Inspirational Love-Mystery novel of about 50,000 words. Its paperback copy is now available online at Amazon.in, Flipkart and Damick Store and e-book version is available on Google Play Store and Amazon Kindle. I started writing it under the guidance of my father and later after his departure; many ups and downs came, but I decided to complete it and got it published in 2018. I believe we can’t enjoy the beauty of life, until we won’t go through its worst phase. We appreciate things only when we know how it will be in its deficiency.         


Everyone goes through the dark phases in life at one time or the other, either when we are setting up our career or when we decide to chase our dreams. Life has a bag full of miseries and delightful moments which are being bestowed upon us. Everyone enjoys blissful life, but while facing the odd situations, few tend to give up, few break-down while few make their way out.

We all have something in us in which we find a lot of interest. Few love to hang out with friends while few appreciate the lone time. Few find relief in providing selfless services to others in need like joining NGOs and helping them with food, cloths, money or shelter and few confine themselves only in their respective businesses and work as earning money acts a motivation for them. There’s no denying the fact that we must keep ourselves full of life by pursuing what we really love to do as that is what our soul crave for and in return that keeps our energy high.

Also, creativity is another aspect that people are losing these days; it is the best thing that lets your brain cells work better.


I believe in self-motivation as there is no one else in the world who knows our potential. Only you can do your SWOT analysis to the best. You know your best areas, your Strengths or where do you really lack, your Weaknesses. Only you can figure out the best Opportunities for yourself and will be able to face Threats in every endeavour of life.

One can easily be motivated when he/she compares his past self to the present self in order to become the best in future.

 Opinion –

One can maintain the positive work environment by helping each other and inspiring everyone around them, of course not forgetting to uplift self. But we can’t overlook that there are people who degrade us, to them, you need to work smart and let it become the answer for their threats.

It’s perfect to compare the best and worst within self. We develop the wider approach towards life while accepting our real nature and amending the corrupt one as that can be dangerous for self growth too.

To build a better professional life, one must know how to balance between the different kinds of life we live daily. Also, consistency, dedication, punctuality and focus should never be lost if you seek to become best in what you do.Little breaks from work helps to rejuvenate not only your brain but your soul as well as that is the core which lets you live life to the paramount. One can opt for movies or having lunch or dinner with friends at some new place for short breaks, while for longer breaks, travelling to a new place always helps.

Message –

At the age of 15, I never thought that I will be at such level in my life when people will admire and respect my work & writing skills. Today, when I get messages or emails from strangers about their opinion on my debut novel, I feel blessed that I listened to my heart and never backed down even in the darkest phase of my life. Receiving such love and respect at the age of 22 from those people who don’t even know me is a feeling that can never be explained.

I listened to my call and found how writing & words has the power to heal, to inspire and let others follow their dreams. In this one life, if you won’t take a step towards your passion, then who will? I don’t think that anyone of us would love to die with incomplete desires of life? Then why not to start today and make it worth?

In coming years, I would like to come out with more such tales and stories that will keep inspiring people and at the same time I’ll keep raising the bitter truths of society that needs to be mended for better future & environment of living.


You can connect with me through:


Facebook:    www.facebook.com/authordaminiaggarwal

Instagram: @daminiaggawal6

Twitter: @daminiaggarwal6

I am waiting to hear from you, you can email me your opinions on: hello@daminiaggarwal.com


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